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Kung Fu Panda 4

February 4th, 2019 00:00h

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Comments (23)

Jesus Guest
Po and tigress we marry
14th February 2018 23:37h
Master Tigress Guest
Yes please Po x Tigress!!
29th September 2017 21:17h
Nehmat Guest
Panda have to marry tiger and the villain is a woman
26th September 2017 15:58h
Master Tigress Guest
Po x Tigress please
9th September 2017 20:39h
Po Guest
Tipo love Yes please Okay
14th May 2016 14:38h
Po dragón warrior Guest
Yes the future kfp tipo girlfriend ❤️🐼🐯🎎
13th May 2016 03:15h
Stamylongnose Guest
9th May 2016 23:23h
The flying ace Guest
9th May 2016 23:22h
Maria Guest
Where, if at all, did it say February 4, 2019? Where did it say there'd even be a KFP 4, for that matter? I appreciate your enthusiasm but I can tell this is false.
15th April 2016 13:47h
Master Tigress Guest
Can't wait.
8th April 2016 15:43h
Soothsayer Guest
We shall see.
7th April 2016 06:25h
Master chicken Guest
Is this seriously true? If it was that would be pretty cool the question is what are Po and the Furious five and shifu going to do next? I do not know if TiPo will happen even if a lot of people want it to happen.
7th April 2016 06:24h
Tipo fan Guest
Wish it were sooner
6th April 2016 01:17h

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