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BO4 Release

October 12th, 2018 00:00h

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Comments (13)

Your dad Guest
Your grounded
11th October 21:59h
brody Guest
I don't like bo4
11th October 12:53h
im br0dey Guest
and I have a cringe dealership going on
11th October 12:51h
louis rose Guest
I really do like it in my bum
11th October 12:49h
louis Guest
I like willy in my bum
11th October 12:49h
brody Guest
na sorry my friend is making this all up
11th October 12:48h
brody Guest
im a gamer and bo4 is crap
11th October 12:47h
retard Guest
11th October 12:44h
Oof Guest
12 hours left
11th October 10:41h
Oof Guest
12 jours to go
10th October 11:08h
kenreg Guest
is this the exact moment of release or just the day?
1st October 10:10h
SkyFire47 Guest
This is very helpful, thx
13th August 05:11h
BlueWiz Guest
19th May 07:15h

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