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Uma Thurman birthday

April 29th, 2019 00:00h
To remember the 49th birthday of Uma Thurman, great actress and goddess of modern times.

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Floy Guest
I fell in love with Uma and her acting when I was 12, while I watched Kill Bill in cinema. I have always respected her and seen her as a goddess. She could be the biggest slut in the world, and I would still respect her and be proud of worshipping her. Do you have any idea sperm I erupted while masturbating thinking about Uma? No. You have no idea what it's like to be a real fan. And we are in millions. Art does not work like that, she should not exclude, like it's nothing, who gave her success and worshiped her, venerated her, from her private Instagram profile (we're in fucking 2019, come on). We are part of what she is, she owes us some respect. I still love Uma, though. I'm just dissapointed.
14th January 21:39h
Afan Guest
You should not syndicate on her private life and her decisions about social media. She is an adult, mature, woman and she knows what to do, you have to accept what Uma wants. You do not seem to be a fan by the way you speak. 🤔
9th January 15:55h
Floy Guest
Sucking cocks photos are the ones she maybe hides in her private Instagram profile. I mean: we are your fans, if you exclude us from your true Instagram profile, relegating to the public one how can we consider ourselves as such? You are a famous person, accept it, share it with everyone.You really disappointed me, mrs. Thurman.
6th January 18:03h
suck it down Guest
she better at sucking cock than acting, believe me
22nd December 2018 12:39h
pexyglass Guest
just saw her at The Fashion Awards 2018. it's still a mystery how a woman can grow so old, sexy, beautiful and bitch at the same time, like Uma.
13th December 2018 13:01h
Afan Guest
A true goddess 🙏❤️♀️
9th November 2018 05:31h

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