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Days Gone

April 26th, 2019 00:00h
SIE Bend Studio's video game

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lockart Guest
what a shit show. one didn't expect some bomb.... but they really showed NOTHING. fucking nothing. they ended E3 last year in shit, and they begun State of Play... in shit. wow $ony. wow
25th March 21:31h
lockart Guest
looks like you're right. there will be PlayStation State of Play tomorrow. A Nintendo Direct-like event. don't know what to expect from it though
24th March 10:33h
otnu89 Guest
Already in gold? Usually they go in it, around 3-2 weeks away from launch. There is a one-month temporal hole, they could launch it between March 25-30. A month... what is Sony plotting?
10th March 05:42h
lockart Guest
from syphon filter ... to days gone. feels bad man.
24th February 23:30h
Tulius Guest
That "most violent kills in Days Gone" video was pure garbage. Simply pretentious and ridiculous.
11th February 23:01h
yamiay Guest
Or classroom special kid XD
8th February 22:46h
the last of us dumb brother
7th February 21:10h

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